Sherlock Holmes keeps a "Commonplace notebook." So did Leonardo Davinci. You should too. For students aiming to get an A in the class, a good Commonplace book will help. Follow the links below for articles. Below the links are examples.  It is not mandatory - this is for extra credit.

As you can see, a Commonplace Book can be colorful - but please do not think you have to draw anything. Please don't draw - just write. Cut out pictures. Write down vocabulary, phrases, slang, poetry, information about your favorite star, your favorite book, movie, or music. Anything you wish - just make it a university of knowledge you don't want to forget.  Each one is unique. If you put effort and reflection into it, you will surely gain something from keeping a notebook.

Consuming sound conciously - this means taking good notes and practicing premium listening. To do this, make your notes look like this. This is the Cornell Method.



Good artists borrow.


Great artists steal.

A presentation on the specific appeals used by most writers of commercials.
Advertising Appeals.pptx
Microsoft Power Point presentation [2.8 MB]