Sophomore Writing Homework assignment:


  1. You work in the embassy now. On April 1st there will be a Chinese culture appreciation day in the USA.  What type of event would you make? What aspect of culture or soft power would you choose to share? It could be a performance, or a speech, or a concert, or an appearance by a famous person, or a lecture about a book or poem. It is up to your imagination. Make a flyer. This is a visual argument, which should appeal to the local people to come to your event. Use your knowledge to make a compelling argument. Bring on a USB and printed. Turn in next week for 5 points. This can be done with a partner or alone.


The purpose of this exercise is to practice using tools such as the Appeals, color, in order to make a clear argument.


It also will help open creative thinking – which will help prepare you for later in the semester.


Time Magazine.
Use this document to find sentence patterns. "Close read" the styles. Find the styles that you like. Steal them. Make your essay a powerful one.
Time 100 .pdf
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Essay number 1.The Top 100 Soft Power Argument.
This is an essay about a person who gives his/her nation soft power; a person who is influential in some way. It does not have to be a famous person, just an influential person. It is to be done with a partner. No pictures required. The person can be from any country. The essay must include 1 "original image," and at least 1 trope and 1 scheme - but you don't need these until the 2nd draft. For "showtime" next week, just come up with a bad first draft.
Top 100 Soft Power Argument The Process.[...]
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Longman Academic Writing Series 4- Essay[...]
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This is just about everything we did in this semester. A nice, colorful tree.