Rhetorical Codes 14 PDF.pdf
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Most difficult English sounds for Chines[...]
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What are the qualities of a hero? Discuss. 2 Minute speech. Bring printed just like before. Good luck.

This will help you make sure your speech is high quality, even inspiring.
Public Speaking Final Class.pdf
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Not all TED's are great, but this one is.

These are the topics for the foreign guest speech.

Choose any of these 3 topics. 2 minute speech.

Follow the arrows
2 April class - this is your homework. M[...]
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Speech feedback form
Print one of these and bring it to class next week. This is how your speeches will be graded. 1 - 5. 5 is the highest score.
Public speaking rubric.png
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This is how you structure a speech.
3-5 paragraphs. Intro and conclusion should be 2-3 sentences each. Main body paragraphs should be at least 2 sentences.
Public Speaking Speaking Structures.pdf
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26 March. Public Speaking homework. In your group of 3 - prepare a speech. The topic is "why I chose you." The "you" could be a boyfriend or girlfriend, it could be a major in university, it can be a future job or career - up to you. This speech must be in 3 paragraphs. Each student will deliver 1 paragraph of the speech. Each paragraph must contain 1 rhetorical code. The group must announce the rhetorical codes they used at the beginning of the speech. The speech can be no more than 2 minutes in total. The speech does not have to be recited, you may use a small piece of paper.

rhymezone.com. This is a good website if you need to find words that rhyme. Click here to go to the site.

Click on the button above to get this week's assignment.


There are two movie speeches.


Read them, download the videos, practice them.


Imitate the native speakers (dubbing).


Look up the rhetorical codes in your textbook.


Write the definitions of the codes on the front page of your textbook.


Come to the next class prepared - know and understand the codes given in these speeches.

This guy gave one of the most famous TED Talks ever. Here, he tells you his secret.
7 Powerful Public Speaking Tips.
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7 Powerful Public Speaking Tips From One[...]
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Week 2 lesson.
Public Speaking Week 2 Elizabeth.pdf
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This is your Public Speaking homework. Choose 1 of the speeches, the one you like the best. Practice it. You will read the speech at the start of class next week. Focus on good pronunciation, grabbing the mic confidently, and a good introduction.
10 Famous Speeches in English.pdf
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