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Observed at MOI recently. Locals learning "Latin" dance. The teacher lived in Spain. Dancing in the streets every morning - I find this to be quite creative.

Essay #2. This is an essay about creativity. It is worth 20 points.


Specifically, we are looking for an example of Chinese creativity. Go out, observe, capture something interesting for your topic.


The topic could be about Art. Science. History. Poetry. Literature. Film.  (not a person).


But this does not have to be about something big. It could be about something small: It could be something you observe around your hometown, or Shenzhen, or something you see here at Shenzhen University, or even something from your dormitory. It could even be a “writing journey.”


Use your creative thinking and your writing skills to turn nothing into something. What you choose to write about is your decision. Just make sure you make a good argument – describe it well, explain why you are attracted to it.


About 400 words. No paragraph limit. Include picture; color or not is up to you. Include at least 2 tropes and 2 schemes. 


Will be graded on big things (structure) and small things (sentences). Additionally, vocabulary, interestingness, and how well you applied lessons learned in class (musical writing or long sentences for example) counts.


This is not a partner exercise.


This is due in class, printed, the week of 25 May.  


The week of 18 May is Showtime.


Examples from life and literature.
Tropes and Schemes examples .pps
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