Taking notes is a skill that can be learned. Here is step 1: watch the videos.

Click here to see "How to take great notes."
Click here to see "How to take the best notes."

Step 2. Take two sets of notes. For the first set (in class) follow the Cornell System. Take a look at the pictures and the PPT.

Cornell yes.
Microsoft Power Point presentation [189.0 KB]

Step 3. After class make a 2nd set of notes. Use color and creativity. Try to implement "Visual Language" (VL) techniques. These notes go into a permanent notebook like your "Commonplace" notebook.

Step 4. Meet the people who are dedicated to taking good notes. See their work. Get inspired for step 5 which is to get your own notebook and start  writing things down. It could change your life.

Below is the work of the Studyblrs.

Comparing Chinese students to American students? American students take good notes while Chinese students don't seem to take notes at all. Click below to see what happens when unprepared students go abroad.